Welcome to East Buffalo Chiropractic.  We have been serving the community since 1991.  Our office excels in Care and Management of the Auto Accident and Work Injured. We provide optimal chiropractic care to all patient conditions with the goal of improving your overall health and wellbeing


Our office has a relaxed atmosphere with a caring staff.  When you first come to the office you are often greeted by our office manager, Jeanita.  She is a friendly person who can understand your situation and makes you feel right at home.  She guides you through necessary paperwork, schedules if necessary MRI and EMG testing and orders your supplies.  She knows the direction that your care is taking and helps to facilitate such


People like us because we can often demonstrate on imaging their problem and make their condition understandable.  We use terms everyday terms to communicate what is going on for the patient. We also assist you to understand the effects of the injury and case process.  Many times patients do not understand what is going on in this regard and it helps to sit and discuss it.  Many times a patient will have an injury and recover a great deal but still have residual problems.  Dr. Gerow is certified in Impairment Evaluation and is able to bring that expertise to bear when evaluating your causally-related condition as it relates to the injury