Chiropractor for Leg Pain Relief & Treatment in

Buffalo, NY

East Buffalo Chiropractic

Leg pain can flare up from performing a variety of everyday tasks such as exercising, cleaning, standing, and even sitting too long. Individuals with leg pain often experience shooting pain, numbness, or achiness which travels down the leg and sometimes to the toes.  Often accompanying the leg pain is severe low back pain.

Leg pain can be classified as radicular pain due to the irritation, compression, or inflammation of the spinal nerve root (sometimes called sciatica), or referred pain due to structures in the low back (ligament, joint, disc) generating  pain down into the leg.

A physical exam will be performed at the office.  Once evaluated, we will work to reduce your pain and improve your symptoms through a treatment plan consisting of chiropractic manipulation, modalities (ultrasound, electrical stimulation, spinal decompression), soft tissue techniques, and exercise.   If needed, we are prepared to refer you for the proper diagnostic tests as well as to orthopedic specialists, neurologists, and pain specialists in the area.  Make your appointment today!